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Product features:

  • Our product is made of metal sheets of different thicknesses,

  • The hood part is double-staged and specially designed to facilitate smoke evacuation,

  • There is 1 chimney of 50 cm in our product,

  • Heat resistant fireproof paint has been applied to the inner chamber,

  • oven paint resistant to ambient conditions which has been applied to the outer part.

  • Special heat insulation material has been applied to the entire inner chamber,

  • There is a 3-stage grill shelf in the inner chamber,

  • There is one standard grid in our product,

  • Unalloyed pure steel grating types are used for the human health conditions,

  • There is an ash cover in our product that covers the bottom of the grill section In terms of aesthetics and strength,

  • The sides and coffee tables are covered with wooden material that is resistant to external environments,

  • There are asymmetric folding tables on both sides of our product which is suitable for different uses, At the bottom of our product, there is a wood compartment where you can stock your woods,

  • It has been designed with wheels so that your garden and terrace can be used wherever you want and wheels with a stopper are used for safety reasons.

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