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SCR-2E Red Front panel full closer

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  • Roasting Capacity from 50 grams up to 2 kg per batch.

  • Roasting up to 6 kg per hour.

  • Adjustable Hot Air Valve.

  • Adjustable digital thermostat.

  • Adjustable Temperature setting for roasting preferences.

  • Sampling Spoon & Sight view glass for roasting control.

  • Chaff collector.

  • Separate control panel.

  • Discharging system for Power cutt-off

  • Different colour option

  • Auto roasting ( touch panel option )


What are the Differences of Sigma SCR-2E Roaster When it is Compared to Typical Drum Roasters?

·         Using hotair system. Drum is fully Holed and It makes coffee same colour and homogeneous roasting. You can’t see burned beans as a result!

·         Coffee beans cool down in front of the drum. That’s the reason there is no mixer unit in this model.

·          You can cool down the roasted coffee beans inside the cooling tray and the fresh coffee smell gets out easily.

·         No need gas saving environment. The system uses Heating Element to heat up the roasting machine.

·         Heating elements have a longer life. The Elements get cooled by fresh and cooled air inside the drum with blower equipment. (There is no exhaust system on this unit).